• Don’t set anything on the hood of the Jeep, including yourselves. Of course, you don’t want to pay for scratches—they are expensive. Watch out for scratchy bushes, and be careful when getting in and out of the Jeep. Don’t stand on mud flaps or any place not intended for people.
  • Check fuel. You received the Jeep full of gas and must return it full. Otherwise we’ll have to add a service charge of $40.00 plus the cost of the fuel.
  • You know that you are responsible for cleaning the Jeep. Cleaning entails a thorough washing of wheels, tires, undercarriage, wheel wells, frame and exterior body. If the jeep is not returned clean, there will be a minimum of $110 cleaning fee charged.
  • Tires are your responsibility. Please avoid sharp rocks, etc.
  • Your Jeep has a modified suspension system, which provides more running clearance than a stock Wrangler. So please use exceptional caution on sloping road and sharp turns.
  • Please be cautious since YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SAFE USAGE OF THE Jeep. Any and all damage to either finish or components will be your responsibility.
  • Use 4x4 on steep grade and rough roads (even if apparently necessary). This provides better gearing throughout all 6 gears, and is MUCH SAFER.
  • Use gears to hold Jeep back on grades. Excess riding on brakes creates heat, which can cause “break fade” (this can reduce vehicle’s stopping ability).
  • Don’t get stuck because you will have to arrange for your own towing. USE GOOD JUDGMENT in choosing the terrain in which you travel.
  • Always set emergency break when driver leaves the Jeep (Many accidents have happened when transmission or transfer case is bumped or slips out of gear).
  • Note: the jack is in back area of the Jeep.
  • For your safety, please familiarize yourself with the vehicle before operating.
  • NO PETS are allowed in jeep at anytime.
  • NO SMOKING in jeep.


Rental Agreement

Please download the rental agreement and upload it to the form below or bring it with you to Bigfoot Jeep Rentals.