The terms and conditions herein, together with the information on the Rental Agreement, constitute the entire agreement between you and Bigfoot Jeep Rental, Regarding your rental of a jeep from Bigfoot Jeep Rental.

By initialing these Terms and Conditions and signing the Rental Agreement, you are agreeing to abide by and be bound by all of these provisions.

  1. General Information-Warranties:
    1. Bigfoot Jeep Rental is the owner of the Jeep you are renting. By renting it, you are being permitted by Bigfoot Jeep Rental to use the Jeep but have no authority to act for or on behalf of Bigfoot Jeep Rental. Under no circumstances are you permitted to have the jeep serviced or repaired without Bigfoot Jeep Rental express permission.
    2. You are renting the Jeep as is, Bigfoot Jeep Rental makes no warranties to you or anyone else of any kind or nature, whether express or implied, as to merchantability or fitness of the Jeep for any particular purpose. Under no circumstances will Bigfoot Jeep Rental be responsible to you for any loss, damage or inconvenience, which you may suffer as a result of any breakdown or malfunction of the jeep.
  2. Use of the Jeep:
    1. Rental of this Jeep is limited to full insured and validly licensed drivers 25 years or older. Only you and anyone who has signed these Terms and Conditions and the Rental Agreement as an additional driver are permitted to drive the jeep.
    2. You agree to drive the Jeep only on established roads or jeep trails within the State of Oklahoma. You agree not to drive the Jeep on the following areas: Off road mud riding or rock climbing. Gravel roads are acceptable. Any vehicle caught in these areas will be charged a minimum penalty of $100.00.
    3. You agree to carry no more than the vehicle rated number of occupants in the Jeep. You also agree that all persons will ride in seats within the passenger compartment of the Jeep. You agree not to carry anyone or anything in the Jeep for hire.
    4. You agree not to place ice chests, coolers, or other large objects on the seats of the Jeep, which may cause damage to the seats. You may place them on the floor.
    5. You agree not to use the Jeep to tow, push, pull or otherwise move any other vehicle, trailer or object.
    6. You agree not to drive the Jeep while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You also agree not to use the Jeep in any way that violates local, state, or federal law, including failure to report an accident, and transporting any drugs or alcohol in the Jeep. If you fail to abide by any of these provisions, you will he solely responsible for any injury or damage that occurs. This may include the full value of the jeep and any loss of business which Bigfoot Jeep Rental suffers because of any damage to the Jeep.
    7. You agree not to smoke in the Jeep.
    8. You agree not to have ANY pets or animals in the Jeep.
    9. You agree to NOT remove the entire hard top of Jeep, if applicable. Only the T-tops may be removed during good weather conditions.
  3. Vehicle Condition and Return:
    1. You agree that the Jeep which you have rented is in good condition when rented to you (except as noted on the attached diagram) and that you will return it in good condition without any damage or injury, Bigfoot Jeep Rental will collect a damage and security deposit from you before you take the jeep.
    2. If you do not return the Jeep on time, or if you violate any provision of this agreement Bigfoot Jeep Rental will be permitted to locate and repossess the Jeep without any notice or hearing. If Bigfoot Jeep Rental repossesses the Jeep, you will have to pay any costs incurred by Bigfoot Jeep Rental in doing so.
  4. Charges:
    You agree to pay Bigfoot Jeep Rental. Either in cash, or by approved credit card, all of the following charges in addition to Bigfoot Jeep Rental required deposit.
    1. Full day rental charge computed on a (22) hour day beginning at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 8:00 a.m. or pay $25.00 a hour for every hour you are late, with applicable state and local taxes and assessments. On full day rentals, you may pick up the Jeep at 8:00 a.m. if available. You have a 100 mile radius from Broken Bow, OK to enjoy your jeep rental. There is no refund if the jeep is returned early.
    2. Any other charges including fuel charges if the Jeep is returned with less than a full tank, late return charge of $25.00 per hour, towing or recovery charges, repair costs, Jeep Road Fund assessment charge, and all applicable taxes.
    3. If the Jeep or any tools, parts, equipment, accessories, or other items which accompanied it when rented to you are lost or damaged, you will be responsible and strictly liable for the full retail cost of repairing or replacing the lost or damage items whether or not the loss or damage is your fault. In addition, you will have to pay Bigfoot Jeep Rental for any loss of business due to the loss or damage to the Jeep or its contents.
    4. Any fines, costs, penalties or assessments of any type whatever levied or charged against Bigfoot Jeep Rental or which Bigfoot Jeep Rental is obligated to pay and which arise out of your rental, use or possession of the Jeep.
    5. Any expenses, including costs and attorney fees, which Bigfoot Jeep Rental incurs in collecting charges due under this agreement or in recovering the Jeep from you for any reason including abandonment or violation of any term of this agreement.

    **You also agree that Bigfoot Jeep Rental may charge your Credit Card for any such charges.
  5. Other Charges:
    1. Fuel and Washing: When you return the Jeep, it must have a full tank of unleaded regular gasoline or you will be charged for refueling. The charge for refueling will be at Bigfoot Jeep Rental current rate. Any Jeep returned with excessive mud, dirt or road debris will be charged a $75.00 washing fee.
    2. Towing: If the Jeep has to be towed for any reason other than mechanical breakdown, or if Bigfoot Jeep Rental has to pay any costs associated with recovering the Jeep, you will pay all of those costs and will reimburse Bigfoot Jeep Rental for any loss due to downtime of the Jeep.
  6. Liability Insurance:
    While Bigfoot Jeep Rental maintains liability insurance covering the Jeep, which you are renting, your insurance coverage will be primary in the event of any claim. Only after your coverage is exhausted will our insurance make any payments. You agree to indemnify and hold Bigfoot Jeep Rental, its owners, agents and employees harmless from and against any and all loss, liability or expense in excess of, or outside the scope or extent of, the coverage provided by Bigfoot Jeep Rental Liability Insurance. In the event that your coverage is exhausted and our insurance coverage is required to pay, you will be responsible for any deductible. Bigfoot Jeep Rental provides liability insurance coverage with limits of coverage at or above the minimum levels required by Oklahoma law. This coverage does not include “uninsured or underinsured motorists” coverage. You and Bigfoot Jeep Rental hereby agree to reject any such “uninsured motorist” coverage. In the event any coverage beyond that already provided is required by Bigfoot Jeep Rental under Oklahoma law, you agree that the coverage will be the minimum allowed.
  7. Personal Property:
    Bigfoot Jeep Rental is not liable, under any circumstance, for any loss or damage to your personal property while it is located in the Jeep or at any other time, regardless of the cause of such loss or damage. In the event your property is lost or damage, you agree not to make any claim against Bigfoot Jeep Rental, its agents, employees or owners for the loss damage.
  8. Accidents/Lost or Stolen Jeep:
    If there is an accident involving the Jeep, you must report it immediately to the police and to Bigfoot Jeep Rental. You agree to cooperate with the police and Bigfoot Jeep Rental in completing any accident or other reports and will provide the police and Bigfoot Jeep Rental any information they request in connection with any accident. This includes witness names, addresses and telephone number, witness statements, copies of any citations and all other information. If the Jeep is lost or stolen, you must immediately report its loss to the police and to Bigfoot Jeep Rental. Whether or not the loss or theft is your fault, you are responsible for paying Bigfoot Jeep Rental the full amount of any cost of such loss or theft including any downtime Bigfoot Jeep Rental incures.
  9. Other Terms:
    1. If there is any dispute between you and Bigfoot Jeep Rental regarding these Terms and Conditions or the Rental Agreement or which in any way relates to your rental of a Jeep from Bigfoot Jeep Rental, any suit regarding such dispute must be brought in the courts of McCurtain, Oklahoma. You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of McCurtain County, Oklahoma. Any such suit will be decided under the law of Oklahoma.
    2. You may not assign this Agreement, if you attempt to do so. Such attempt shall be null and void and of no force or effect.
    3. The Agreement between you and Bigfoot Jeep Rental consists of the Rental Agreement and these Terms and Conditions. These documents contain our entire agreement and there is no other understanding or agreement between you and Bigfoot Jeep Rental, either oral or written. Any change in the Rental Agreement or in these Terms and Conditions, or any agreement supplementing or interpreting those documents must be written and signed by both you and Bigfoot Jeep Rental to be effective.
    4. Time is of the essence in all cases.
    5. In the event any part of this contract is illegal or unable to be enforced, the remainder shall remain in effect.

Rental Agreement

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